Docker – Install Docker Machine on Windows

Since I’ve already have VirtualBox installed before, so I will just install Docker Machine separately.


1. Install Docker Machine ( follow this official guide):

Windows user can just skip this part “Installing bash completion scripts”.


2. Get started with Docker Machine and a local VM:

“docker-machine” command won’t work in neither Powershell nor cmd, so I use gitBash to follow this official guide:

Follow the first “Create a machine” part until step 5. Then we will do differently as follows:

2.1 Connect gitBash to the VM:

$ docker-machine ssh

2.2 Register an account on Docker Hub so that we could have access to public docker images:

Go to Docker Hub official site and register there.

2.3 In gitBash, login to Docker Hub:

$ docker login


2.4 Test the Docker installation is working:

$ docker run hello-world

It will pull hello world image from Docker Hub Registry and run in VM. (




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