Install and set up multiple Gitlab CI Runners to use Docker

GitLab CI allows you to use Docker Engine to build and test docker-based projects.

We will follow the official guide: Using Docker Build

Here we choose the first method “Use shell executor”.

1.Install GitLab Runner:

Here we install gitlab-ci-multi-runner on linux. Follow this official guide until “Register the runner”: Install using official GitLab repositories

2. Register the runner:

Using Docker Build is trying to register the runner in non-interactive way. Somehow it doesn’t work. Here we follow the registration step in Install using official GitLab repositories, installing in interactive way.


As we can see from the above picture, we will need to provide coordinator URL and token. They can be found in your repository at “Settings” -> “Runners”:


And one thing different from the screenshot, For “Pleasse enter the executor: shell, docker, docker-ssh, ssh?” We need to type in shell.


After registering, we should be able to see the runner in “Settings” -> “Runners”:


3. Install docker, set up privileges.

Just continue following Using Docker Build  “Use shell executor” section.

4. Register multiple runners and make them run builds concurrently.

The runner config file is located at:



The concurrent is default to 1. Here we use 3 concurrent runners, so we set it to 3.

5. Verify whether runners are running or not:

$sudo gitlab-ci-multi-runner verify

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